LMT Fitness Personalised Training Plans If you are unable to attend regular PT sessions but still want to get fit you could try our personalised training plans. This option will provide you with a fully personalised 12 week fitness plan for you to carry out yourself.   Included in the price is an initial consultation and fitness analysis where we discuss your goals and the time that you have available to exercise and determine your current fitness levels. Following this session a full 12 week plan will be written especially for you to fit in with the time you have available and the activities that you like in order to ensure you meet your target. Next you will have a one hour personal training session to run through the plan with you. You will get to see and try the exercises to ensure you know how to use correct technique. You can then take the plan away with you to follow. During the twelve weeks you will get full support by email so if you have any questions about your program then they will be answered for you.   For more information or to book please Contact Us. Prices 12 week personalised fitness plan £50  12 Week fitness plan with nutritional advice £60 We accept the following payment methods - Cash, Bank Transfer and Cheque.